Our Australian Rollforming Team

At Australian Rollforming, we empower our team members to deliver flexible and reliable rollforming solutions that our customers need. Our loyal team includes expert technical managers and production managers with strong backgrounds in engineering, steel, textiles and more. With our vast experience working with multiple designs and innovative software we are committed to producing exceptional results. Our capability for heavy-gauge rollforming and extra-long lengths sets us apart in the industry and we achieve a seamless precision outcome for every project.

Joe Soffici, General Manager

With over 30 years of experience in the steel industry, Joe is integral to Australian Rollforming. His passion is clear: he loves producing quality work for his clients.

“I’m proud to see Australian Rollforming go from strength to strength. We’re always keen to make ongoing investments in both our highly skilled team and advanced rollforming technology.”

Joe has managed almost every aspect of Australian Rollforming’s business for the past seven years, and he still finds new and exciting opportunities to grow the team and our capabilities.

Joe takes great pride in looking after our key customers, working closely with our sales department, building the business and finding new projects across various market sectors.

He also enjoys expanding our in-house factory by adding new machines on the floor, increasing our capacity and mentoring our team.

Henry Wolfkamp, Technical Manager

Henry is one of our legacy team members. He’s been a part of Australian Rollforming since the very beginning, and although he’s witnessed the company evolve over the years, nothing gives Henry more excitement than getting his hands dirty in the work.

“I love working on all things technical. Anything engineering-related – that’s my happy place.”

Henry works closely with our team on the floor, looking after tooling designs, rollforming workshops, setting up new machinery as well as assessing architectural designs and providing recommendations.

And for Henry, he is just as passionate about people as he is about all things technical. As our Einstein of the team, he loves giving his team opportunities to learn.

Matthew McPherson, Technical Sales Representative

With 20 years of experience in textiles manufacturing, Matthew brings his unique manufacturing background into his role as our Technical Sales Representative.

He provides innovative solutions for special profiles. Working closely with designers, he looks after our inventory management and ensures that our customers always have access to the required products and specifications.

Matthew also looks after delivery scheduling for project management, quotations, packaging requirements as well as quality control.

Matthew is passionate about looking after our valued customers and loves the variety of his role at Australian Rollforming.

“One day I could be working with a local packaging business, the next day I’m working with an international company. The variety keeps you busy and always makes the job interesting and rewarding.”

Mark Boyes, Production Manager

With over 20 years of experience in the steel industry, Mark has brought his impressive engineering expertise into the production systems at Australian Rollforming.

Mark has been developing his deep manufacturing knowledge since he was 17 years old. With his hands-on knowledge, he is able to look after Australian Rollforming’s production with a positive service attitude.

His drive to push the company forward is evident through his management of our team, production, KPIs and keeping the factory floor running smoothly. Mark is passionate about achieving superior results across custom and standard profiles.

He enjoys working with the team and is passionate about seeing everyone grow.

“We all work as a team here at Australian Rollforming. It’s a team operation and I love that everyone collaborates and works closely together. It makes taking on new challenges as a team that much more exciting.”

Kylie deMole, National Account Manager - DuraGal

Kylie has been part of the Australian Rollforming family since 2019, helping the company to grow from strength to strength.

With over 20 years of experience as a national and state manager in the retail industry, her wealth of knowledge transfers to the steel industry so seamlessly as she brings her professional and dedicated customer service.

“Working at Australian Rollforming is very hands-on, and I like that. It was an easy transition for me. There is also no such thing as a typical day, so I’m always on my feet doing exciting things for the business.”

As our National Account Manager – DuraGal, Kylie takes care of our customers’ needs, such as orders, quoting, non-standard and standard lengths, as well as educating customers about DuraGal and answering any queries.

She loves the open, transparent culture at Australian Rollforming and appreciates the nuggets of wisdom and knowledge from every team member.

“The business intelligence in our team is absolutely phenomenal. Everyone knows how to make things click together, whether that’s knowing the customers’ expectations, understanding the import market or procurement. I love seeing everyone work so well together.”

Liz Limnios, Procurement and Supply Chain Planning Coordinator

Supervising procurement and supply chain, Liz makes sure Australian Rollforming is fully stocked and ensures our clients get their products in a timely fashion.

Her hard-working attitude and 20 years of experience working in the steel industry are a perfect combination.

“I look after our steel procurement, as well as work closely with our production manager, business support and our suppliers to manage our inbound deliveries.”

Liz loves the people she works with and the variety of work presented to her every day.

“Working with such a great group of people makes a huge difference. Our team culture here at Australian Rollforming is fantastic.”

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