Trench Sheeting

Trench Sheeting

Australian Rollforming Manufacturers’ trench sheeting has been specially designed for quick and easy installation and extraction in trench work and shoring applications.

The simple lapping method of Australian Rollforming Manufacturers’ trench sheets allows the product to be easily re-used and repaired by use of brake pressing, in the event of damage while driving.

Piling Reference Numbers

Reference number components denote properties of a finished wall using that particular section. The first number denotes the overall thickness of the wall and the second its mass per square metre.

Code No. Dimensions For one section For metre width
of assembled sheets
T A B D Area A Mass
per unit
Ixx ZxB  Area A Mass
Ixx/m Zx/m
mm mm mm mm mm² kg/m 10⁶mm⁴ 10³mm³ mm² kg/m² 10⁶mm⁴ 10³mm³/m
LTS064/29* 3 111 51 64 1779 14.0 0.9 28.3 3706 29.1 1.9 58.8
LTS065/39 4 112 52 65 2372 18.6 1.2 37.1 4942 38.8 2.6 77.2


LTS064/29 and LTS065/39 trench sheets are rollformed from 3mm and 4mm thick hot rolled steel and are available in a range of stock lengths or custom cut to size. Australian Rollforming Manufacturers’ trench sheets can also be produced in other thicknesses to suit specific requirements – please enquire.


Maximum height of wall (H) and the corresponding minimum driven depth (D) depend on the type of soil and the strength of the sheet piling. Where the fill differs from the soil into which the piling is driven, use the H & D values of the respective soil type.

Australian Rollforming Manufacturers are custom metal rollforming specialists with the capability to rollform an almost infinite number of profiles in a wide range of metals.

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