Void Panels

Australian Rollforming Manufacturers produce a range of standard and custom formed steel void panels that are fitted over the concrete beams used in bridge construction to block off the void or trough in the beam when the concrete road slab is poured.

Australian Rollforming Manufacturers’ void panels provide a number of significant advantages and are a very attractive and cost-effective alternative to the traditional void covers manufactured from timber based materials.

Void Panel

High Strength: Australian Rollforming Manufacturers’ void panels combine high strength with low mass and have a significantly higher load carrying capacity than those manufactured from timber based materials.

Pre-cut to exact void width: Australian Rollforming Manufacturers’ void panels are pre-cut to the exact void width, therefore eliminating the need for any further cutting during installation.

Quicker, easier and safer to install: The installation of Australian Rollforming Manufacturers’ void panels is comparatively quick and easy – they are simply glued (liquid nails, sealant) into the recess in the concrete beam. This is made even easier and safer since this can be done while the beam is still in the mould and the scaffolding still in place.

Minimise wastage: Wastage on site and in storage is minimised. Australian Rollforming Manufacturers’ void panels maintain their shape and integrity when exposed to all climatic conditions; they do not swell or break when they become wet and are not subject to shrinkage.

Environmentally more sustainable: The traditional timber based void panels rely primarily on wood chips for their production and therefore have a far greater environmental impact than Australian Rollforming Manufacturers’ steel void panels.

Australian made: Australian Rollforming Manufacturers’ void panels are made in Australia, by Australians, using 100% Australian materials.

More cost-effective: As a result of Australian Rollforming Manufacturers’ void panels being quicker and easier to install, requiring less materials and labour, their overall installed costs are less than that of the alternative timber based panels.

Profile cross section

Profile Cross Section

Australian Rollforming Manufacturers’ void panels, as shown in the drawing below, are manufactured from 1.20mm thick galvanised steel conforming to AS1397, have a rib height of 21mm, an effective cover length of 780mm, and they can be cut to suit any void width.

Section properties

  • Ixx: 68,600 mm4
  • Centroid: 6.0 mm
  • Zx top: 4,570 mm3
  • Zx bottom: 11,630 mm3
  • Cross sectional area: 1,100 mm2
  • Mass: 8.8 kg/m


Although Australian Rollforming Manufacturers’ rollformed steel void covers are a relatively new product, they have been well received by the market and have been successfully used in a number of major projects, including:

  • Kempsey Bypass, NSW
  • Woolgoolga Sect, Pacific Hwy Upgrade, NSW
  • Herons Creek Sect, Pacific Hwy Upgrade, NSW
  • Holbrook Bypass, NSW
  • Newcastle Bypass, NSW
  • Deer Park Bypass, Victoria
  • South Morang Rail Extension, Victoria
  • Anthony’s Cutting, Victoria
  • Dynon Road Overpass, Victoria
  • Geelong Ring Road, Victoria
  • McLaren Vale Overpass, South Australia

Australian Rollforming Manufacturers are custom metal rollforming specialists, with the capability to rollform an almost infinite number of profiles in a wide range of metals.

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